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We are an innovative, Australian owned organisation, based in Queensland. Supplying and installing equipment suitable for bioenergy projects, including tanks, dome roofs, mixing agitation and bolt on equipment.

Bio-Gen Solutions are Channel partners with global leading CST Industries tanking manufacturer offering complete storage packages for bioenergy applications such as biofuels storage, biomass processing and anaerobic digester processes.

No other storage company in the world has the broad product lines and technologies needed to provide the optimal solution for bioenergy.

WE also supply global leading covers ranging from externally supported steel roofs to dual membrane gas holders and mixing agitators for bio-energy, wastewater and agricultural applications. Bio-Gen Solutions bring together all the tank, cover technologies and agitators to provide a custom solution for your process needs including a complete line of coatings technologies from Glass-Fused-To-Steel to epoxy coated to stainless steel and other alloys to ensure tanks and mixers can withstand high temperatures and PH levels.

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