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Bio - Gen Solutions provide commercially viable market leading equipment, services and install for Bio Energy projects, end to end digesters, lagoon digester domes, odour reduction domes, modular tanks, mixing agitators, feasibility studies and bolt on equipment packages.

Storage tanks

Tanking (OVERVIEW)

Our team is backed by CST Industries (CST), a global leader in the manufacture of the finest factory coated steel storage tanks, aluminium domes, specialty covers and reclaimer systems. Coupled with our extensive installation and maintenance experience providing CST has been designing and manufacturing digester, biofuel and biomass storage tanks and covers for more than 100 years and has over 275,000 installations in more than 135 countries around the world.

  • Bio-Energy Digesters

We supply global leading products, with partnership ensuring we are the chosen tank supplier due to experience and quality with over 40 years of CST building the best storage tanks and covers designed specifically to perform in digester processes, all tanks come with proven coating technology.

The right storage tank and the right coating technology that protects that tank is critical. Using the right coating system in the product and vapor zones should be your first concern. Bio-Gen Solution provide CST manufactured tanks with all coating technologies including Vitrium porcelain enamel, OptiBond Epoxy and other alloys if required.

2 large storage tanks

Glass-Fused-To-Steel Coating Technology

Vitrium Glass-Fused-To-Steel is the premium coating in the digester tank market. It is a single, strong, integrated glass and steel material fused together at 1,500°F (816°C) in a controlled process furnace. The physical properties of Vitrium are especially suited for digester applications. The hard, inert barrier on both the interior and exterior tank surfaces guards against corrosion. Impermeable to liquids and vapors, it controls undercutting caused by corrosion and offers excellent impact and abrasion resistance.

OptiBond Epoxy Coating System

Our proprietary OptiBond Epoxy Coating System provides excellent corrosion resistance and long tank life for the finest epoxy coating available in the liquid tank industry. In the process, parts are degreased and rinsed, hot air dried and pre-heated at an optimum temperature. Part surfaces are then blasted with engineered grit material. This creates a rugged 3-D surface topography ideally suited for better powder coating adherence, increased durability and long-term coating performance. Then they are powder coated in a proprietary electrostatic booth with precise environmental controls, and cured at a tightly regulated temperature to maximize the cross-link bonding of the epoxy materials.

Hybrid Tanks and Other Options

The unique design of our bolted tanks easily adapts for hybrid tank designs that utilize the strengths of multiple state-of-the-art coating systems. We can design tanks with different coating systems for the gas and liquid zones of a digester that create a unique storage solution that cannot be accommodated by concrete or field welded designs.

Choose Between Floor Options

Bio Gen Solutions understands the complexity that can exist when providing floor designs for digester tanks. That is why we offer options for our customers depending on their digester need. The customer can select from Coated Steel (Vitrium Glass or OptiBond Epoxy Coating System), or reinforced concrete. Concrete digester floors can vary from flat up to a 45° conical shape. Utilizing our worldwide regional offices and Authorized Dealer network we can work with the customer to provide the most economical floor design and installation that is required for the project.

Component Comparison
Panel TypeZoneDescription
Vitrium™ Glass-Fused-to-Steel
  • Liquid
  • Gas
  • High specification 3-coat glass coating
  • High performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Sidewall, covers, floors
OptiBond™ Epoxy Coating System
  • Liquid
  • Gas
  • Proprietary Thermoset coating
  • Exceptional performance
  • Sidewall, covers, floors, manway, flanges, baffles
Stainless Steel
  • Liquid
  • Gas
  • Grade 316 or 304
  • Excellent resistance gas zone
  • Sidewall, covers, floors, manway, flanges, baffles
Uncoated Steel
  • Liquid
  • Can be used as sidewall in non-corrosive liquid zones

Modular Tanking Application


CST provides a complete line of storage tanks and covers for all types of digester applications. CST has a complete line of coating technologies and alloys to specifically design your digester vessel to meet your process needs. CST also provides the widest range of cover options that will meet pressure ranges from 2" of vacuum pressure to 18" of positive pressure.

Biofuel Storage and Processing

CST has a complete range of bolted and factory welded storage tanks and custom designed steel roof and aluminum covers to meet every storage need you may have in your biofuel processing facility. Our wide range of coating technologies allows us to custom engineer the right solution for your needs.

Biogas Storage

We have the storage options you need for biogas. Bio-Gen Solutions supply and install secure bolted steel storage tanks and membrane gas holders depending on your process design and specifications.

Sludge Processing

Bio-Gen Solutions provide a wide array of storage tanks for sludge processing. Our storage tanks come field ready for installation of nozzles, manways, level indicators, pumps, ladders and many other accessories you have specified for your application.

Manure Storage & Homogenization

Slurrystore tanks and agitation pump systems are the simple solution to manure storage and processing challenges. Farmers worldwide have taken advantage of our storage and processing technologies to help them manage their manure and sludge.

Waste Water and Cogeneration Digesters

Bio-Gen Solutions have all relevant tanking products available to supply and install for wastewater covers and tank. All our wastewater products are manufactured in ISO Certified facilities under the closest of production controls. In addition to our lines of standard products, CST’s in-house engineering teams can provide custom designs and PE stamped drawings.

Storage tanks: aerial view
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