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Mixing Agitators

Bio-Gen Solutions supply agitators and mixers, specifically designed for biogas plants, agriculture, liquid manure tanks, waste water treatment plants or lagoons. We supply market leading agitation systems sourced from leading European suppliers.

Optimix agitator

Our knowledge and exclusive technology combined with our field-related expertise enables us to optimise and deliver custom solutions for your business.

Bio-Gen Solutions provide mixing agitators for a variety of tanking solutions:

Variety of tanking solutions diagram

Bio-Gen Solutions supply agitators across several product groups that are aligned to bioenergy, agriculture and wastewater.

Giantmix agitator

The externally mounted, powerful, agitator that is vertically or horizontally adjustable up to +/- 30°. There are several models aligned to a variety of requirements allowing custom designed agitation.

Giantmix agitator
Giantmix agitator
  • Application

The Giantmix has been specially designed to optimise the biological process in the digester and after fermenters predominantly in bioenergy digesters and agricultural lagoons this agitator is installed outside of the tank or lagoon and can offer horizontal and vertical mixing to ensure no sedimentation.

  • Installation depth

Because of the unique sealing feature systems across agitators, the installation depth can be 8 m beneath substrate level but also allows full movement of agitator.

  • Sealing system

The flexible tube gets sealed with 2 sealing membranes (inside and outside) and a special sealing system so to ensure no Gas tight agitation.

  • Easy maintenance

An advantage of the design of the Giantmix is that almost all maintenance duties can be carried out from the outside, which means that opening the digester or dismounting the unit is not necessary. The drive side with the electric motor and transmission is accessible from the outside.

Optimix - Agitators

Submersible, directional agitation, along with high powered flow rates, optional propeller size and steel, with case options like hardened steel and stainless steel to offer reliable mixing solutions in all PH levels and liquid densities.

Optimix agitator
Optimix agitator


For Bioenergy, wastewater where liquids have ranging PH Levels, low to high temperature ranges, and operations in extreme aggressive media.


For optimized submersible agitation, across a range of liquids and PH Levels and temperatures. Optimix agitators are available with 4 / 9 /15 and 25kW allowing for range of rotational speeds of the propeller.

Because of the unique modular design motor performances, gears, propeller and mast sizes can be combined for a customised agitation solution.
  • Galvanical isolation

The guide mast support with 4 rollers and slide rails guarantee perfect sliding on the mast and furthermore the output power circuit is isolated from the input power circuit between the mast and the agitator.

  • Optimum stirring result

The three separated oil chambers for motor, gear and bearing housing ensure efficient stirring. Long life oil with a longer oil changing interval is used for the gear and the bearing housing. The sealing is made through the mechanical seal within the bearing housing.

  • Control box

There are delta-star-operating-switches for manual operation or time-controlled -soft start control available. All agitators can be managed over an external frequency converter.

Gastight Mast

Ceiling lead or attached to side of tank, these adjustable systems allow for agitation to be lowered to different levels within the tank, as well as changing the flow direction whilst maintaining gas tight seals.

Gastight mast agitator system
Gastight mast agitator system
  • Application

The guide mast with base frame is suitable for tanks with a depth of 12 metres. The gas tight ceiling lead through is a developed product optimised for biogas tanks with concrete top or big lagoons with concrete bridge.

  • Adjustment

The vertical adjustment is made through the external hand-wheel. The easy adjustment of the horizontal rotation direction is a unique advantage of the Ceiling lead agitation.

  • Long service life

The masts and systems are completely manufactured out of ss304 and within the gas area of ss316. The ceiling lead mount is manufactured completely in ss316 (V4A) and is suitable for guide masts of 100 to 150 mm.

  • High gas-tightness

For a gas tightness of nearly 100 % a new seal bushing for the rope lead through was developed which is lubricated with special grease at the installation point, including gas tightness of the service box.

  • Delivery scope

Wall support inside and outside the tank, gastight cable- and rope lead throughs, external rope winch with a Ø 8 mm ss316 rope and a handwheel for the vertically adjustment of the agitator. The robust device is delivered with a width of 60 cm to the mast (steel tank) or 120 cm to the mast (concrete tank).

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