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BulkTec: Dry bulk storage made simple

Bulk storage

Bio-Gen Solutions are able to provide bulk storage to ensure effective, expansive dry bulk storage. We offer a full range of dry bulk storage solutions for biomass, food, grain, chemical minerals and feedstock.

BulkTec systems successfully store all types of dry bulk materials including:

  • food and grain products
  • minerals and aggregates
  • chemicals and plastics
  • biomass and woodcuttings
Every BulkTec storage tank is manufactured to order

BulkTec storage tank systems and components are designed for your specific application. We maintain our own professional engineers and designers in-house. These highly experienced advisors have designed storage tanks for a wide range of industry specific standards and applications

BulkTec storage tank systems flowchart

Superior Coating Technology with Proven Performance

Our coating process provides maximum abrasion resistance and encourages smooth material flow. Our experience has led to continuous technology and process improvements that has resulted in the finest epoxy coating process available in the industry. The OptiBond coating process featuring TRICO BOND EPĀ® epoxy is derived from years of in-field experience and performance data.

Premium Tank Technology Provides Smooth Material Flow

The smooth-wall interior has no cracks or crevices that could suspend material flow. BulkTec storage tank systems are designed and built to the exact requirements you need for material flow efficiency and reliability:

  • mass and funnel flow designs
  • expanded and fluidised flow designs
  • multiple type tanks

BulkTec storage tanks and silos are available in several bolted joint designs for in-field construction BulkTec systems and components are designed for your specific application. Each is engineered and fabricated to satisfy your specifications.

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