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OptiBond® Bolted Epoxy Steel – Coating System

2 epoxy coated bolted steel storage tanks

Bio-Gen Solutions supply and install epoxy coated bolted steel storage tanks which have been applied to thousands of applications in 120 countries throughout the world.

Epoxy coated tanks using the OptiBond™ process are becoming the standard for epoxy durability, corrosion resistance, UV breakdown and abrasion. As the world's leader in factory coated tanks, CST understands that the process by which a coating is applied is as important as the coating itself.

That is why CST has implemented tight manufacturing tolerances and numerous process controls to ensure that the preparation of the steel, application of the epoxy and the curing of the coated material is unmatched. While other companies are making claims about how proprietary the name of their epoxy product is, CST is investing in the entire process.

Benefits of Factory-Applied Coatings

Coatings applied in the environmentally controlled manufacturing facility and cured at a controlled temperature under strict process controls:

  • Eliminates the weather factors incurred when applying a coating in the field after constructing a welded tank. With factory-applied coatings there is no waiting for the weather to be within specific parameters in order to apply the coatings and trust in the environmental conditions to properly cure the coating.
  • Each step in our factory-applied coating process can be carefully monitored so that inconsistencies in the coating can be detected in the earliest possible stage of the process prior to tank construction fully applying the coating.
  • Completion of the tank can be performed in as much as 1/3 the time as alternative materials and methods. On site delays due to weather are greatly eliminated.

The CST Epoxy OptiBond™ Coating System

CST Industries utilises proprietary coating technology that provides maximum corrosion resistance and long tank life. . The OptiBond™ coating system is derived from years of in-field experience and performance data.


Preparing for the cleaning process

Stage 1:

  • Parts are degreased and rinsed.
  • Precisely controlled hot air drying and pre-heating at optimum temperature for precision coating process.
Parts are degreased and rinsed

Stage 2:

  • Parts surfaces are blasted with engineered grit material.
  • Rugged 3-D surface topography is created for better powder coating performance.
  • A high velocity air curtain removes residual particulate.
Parts surfaces are blasted

Stage 3:

  • Parts are powder coated in our proprietary TRICO BOND EP® electrostatic booth with precise environmental controls.
  • Parts are cured at controlled temperature to maximise the cross-link bond of the epoxy particles.
Parts are powder coated

Stage 4:

  • Uniquely engineered polyurethane topcoat is applied for UV protection on the exterior surfaces for extra durability and longevity.
  • Sheets are cured at controlled temperature, yielding the final product.
Uniquely engineered polyurethane topcoat is applied


Parts are subjected to a rigorous quality control evaluation with a high voltage defect testing procedure. This will identify any holidays, inclusions and thin areas in the coating. No other company has a higher process and quality control standard.

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