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Rectangular panel tanks

Rectangular panel tank
Rectangular panel tank

Ranging in capacities from 10KL up to 5ML the FRP/GRP/HDG panel tanks are manufactured from 1mx1m panels as standard. Half panels and other special sizing are available for specialised configurations.

Tank can be manufactured in GRP/FRP reinforced fibre glass, HDG pressed steel and SS if required. Standard tank structural support is hot dipped galvanised steel externally and Grade 304 S/S internally for tie-rod or cleat / angle stay. Optional support systems such as external braced type (metal-free tank internal for non-partitioned tank only), and optional upgrade to Grade 316 S/S internal support system are available on request.

Panels are also available ‘pre-insulated’ which is achieved by encapsulating a 25mm-50mm layer of rigid polyurethane foam within the panel.

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