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Tank installation

Tank installation

The unique installation methodology used by Bio-Gen Solutions ensures the safest installation with minimal or no requirement for the use of scaffolding or high level work. The sequence of install is upper ring and roof completed first. A jacking system is then used to build successive rows of panelling until final height is reached.

Our top down construction methodology ensures nil or minimal requirement for cranes and scaffolding reducing the construction footprint required with as little as one meter beyond the foundation of the tank required. This installation methodology allows us to install tanks in remote locations, on rocky knolls and in ecologically fragile areas where welded and concrete tanks typically cannot be installed.

Mixing agitator installation

Mixing agitator installation

Bio-Gen solutions supply and install a variety of mixing agitation systems suitable for agriculture, bioenergy, wastewater, food processing and recycling. Bio-Gen Solutions supply mixing agitation systems with reliable functionality, energy efficient power consumption and high quality build, these systems work seamlessly within our tanks and other storage facilities including lagoons and concrete tanks.

Engineering design aerial photo

Engineering design

Our project team offers our clients the following capabilities and services:

  • tank drawings to clients specifications including all accessories and presented in PDF format
  • design for any seismic zone, special wind and deck loads
  • capacities up to 40 million litres
  • tank design calculations and foundation designs on request
  • design to all relevant national engineering codes and standards as requested
Tank maintenance, inspection and cleaning

Tank maintenance, inspection and cleaning

All tanks require ongoing and regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure warranty obligations are met and to ensure longevity of the tank. Bio-Gen Solutions offer a maintenance program to inspect, clean and provide advice on the condition of the tank. This service is available to all tanks in operation and is not limited to a Bio-Gen Solutions product.

Inspections can be carried out while the tanks are either in service or out of service. After the inspections are completed, a written report including our professional evaluation, photographs and recommendations of necessary and recommended repairs is provided. A detailed cost estimate for your consideration can be provided upon request.

  • internal tank cleaning
  • equipment installation and repair
  • demolition, relocation and rebuild services
  • on-site technical construction supervision
  • on-site construction inspections
  • on-site structural inspections
  • on-site coating inspections, coating work and coating repair services
  • membrane liner replacement
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