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Industrial Wastewater

Industrial wastewater applications require design flexibility and a wide range of storage tanks and covers to deliver the appropriate storage solution.

Industrial wastewater application

Focus on Industrial Wastewater

Figures show that industrial water usage composes over 80% of water consumption worldwide and in Australia. This has lead to a concerted effort to conserve water in every area possible. Bio-Gen Solutions in recognition of the focus to reduce significant demands and reuse water where possible, offer the industrial sector a broad range of liquid storage solutions.

With the ever increasing costs of industrial waste disposal through municipal treatment facilities, the need for quality industrial wastewater tanks is on the rise. Unlike bonded municipal projects, many industrial wastewater projects must meet a higher standard for return on investment (ROI). The different driving factors of industrial wastewater projects are why CST offers a variety of solutions.

Due to the efficient construction time using the modular design and factory coating process product and the need for shorter ROI, many industrial wastewater applications are satisfied by HydroTec® line of tanks providing exceptional epoxy durability.

Aquastore® s durability and ultra-low maintenance costs are still attractive to a group of companies requiring products and project with a greater life expectance. With the best total life cycle cost of any coated tank, Aquastore® provides the long-term saving many longer goal oriented companies desire.

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