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Australian Channel Partner

Municipal Water

2 water tanks

Municipal Water Tanks are required to meet specific guidelines or codes based on the municipal codes of the region. Bio-Gen Solutions storage tanks are designed to conform to Australian standards and codes.

  • Pre-fabricated bolted tanks offered as ground reservoirs, elevated and standpipe applications
  • Flat bottom, dish bottom and slope bottom tank applications
  • Option of a membrane lined, glass-fused or thermal bonded epoxy coating
  • Pre-fabricated bolted tanks minimise field installation requirements
  • Designed to meet standards requirement

Bio-Gen Solutions are the channel partner for CST Industries in Australia, being backed by the world’s largest manufacturer of both storage tanks and domes, with the design and manufacture of ground storage tanks making up a large portion of the potable water tanks produced. With such world-renowned brands as Aquastore® and HydroTec® tanks and domes, our clients not only receive the quality and backing of the world's largest factory-coated tank manufacturer, they are assured of the highest quality integrated solution.

Tank in natural setting
Top down construction

Bio Gen- Solutions use the top down construction method ensuring nil or minimal requirement for cranes and scaffolding reducing the construction footprint required with as little as one meter beyond the foundation of the tank required. This installation methodology allows us to install tanks in remote locations, on rocky knolls and in ecologically fragile areas where welded and concrete tanks typically cannot be installed.

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