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Thermal Energy

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Increasing energy costs in Australia have driven a shift from traditional chiller systems for cooling, to now incorporating energy saving thermal energy storage (TES) tanks, commonly known as chilled water tanks.

Bio-Gen Solutions have installed a considerable number of chilled water tanks in Australia and are considered to be market leaders in this field.

Chilled water tank systems reduce energy costs as the stored water will thermally stratify during containment. The lower-density warm water naturally rises to the upper part of a storage tank, leaving higher-density cool water in the lower portion. The cooler water (typically around 6 deg. C is drawn from the lower portion of the storage tank during peak (afternoon) cooling periods and used in the closed cooling circuit. Warm water (typically around 16 deg. C) is returned to the tank, and this is generally during off-peak (evening) periods.

Chilled water tanks in most cases are designed with a diffuser system at both high and low level to facilitate gentle flow of the water into and out of the tank.

One of our in-house team of spray applicators

With our in-house team of spray applicators and equipment, Bio-Gen Solutions provide Zero ODP sprayed insulation to meet the required "R" value for the system. Diffuser manufacture in a wide variety of designs and materials coupled with our long life structural tank designs provides a total chilled water tanks solution up to and exceeding 50 years as required.

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